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Jaye L Swift,  born in Malawi, but moved to England when she was six, now lives in the Vale of Glamorgan.  She ran her own photography business for eighteen years before turning to her first love, writing. 


She has successfully written for stage and screen and has now turned her hand to producing.  The Caterer's Reckoning is her  third short film.


‘Moving On’ was her first short film, produced by It’s my Shout/Made in Wales and screened on BBC2 Wales in December 2014.

Letters Home was her second short film which she wrote and produced in 2016.


Jonah Jones is an ex-BBC audio supervisor, producer and presenter.

He has written for radio, stage and film.  He has also had short stories broadcast and published. 

Since “Letters Home” he’s had two short stories published and a third assumed to be in pre-publishing – meaning they’ve paid him for it already.  His feature film script “Revelation” reached the semi-finals of the Stage 32 fantasy film competition.

He is also working on the script of a feature film “The Psychonauts” and a novel “End of Days Any Day Now”.


Matt Nomme a filmmaker from Cardiff is known for making short ‘home-movie’ style films about life in Cardiff.

He previously worked on our production Letters Home as DoP and as editor.

You can find his work at:


AJ Swift is a production technician/sound designer.

AJ has made several short films and is currently working on his second feature film as Sound Designer.

AJ enjoys all aspects of sound design, especially foley work.


Charlotte Moriarty lives in Cardiff and has been a freelance make up artiste for seven years.

Charlotte specialises in film, TV and special effects.

Charlotte has recently won the 2017 'It's My Shout' Best Hair and Make Up Trainee Award.


Janet Parry, born and bred on Barry Island, is a qualified hairdresser of thirty five years, for twenty of those years she ran her own hair and beauty salon.


Jan has worked on many theatrical productions and re-enactments;  The Caterer'rs Reckoning is her second foray into the world of  film.


Eva was awarded the Best Stills Photographer Trainee by It's My Shout. She has experience as Stills Photographer and Assistant Camera.

Her website can be found here:

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