27 Oct 2015

All the Kickstarter funds are now in the Letters Home bank account, time to pay all the bills and expenses. No rest for the wicked :D

26 Oct 2015

I can't quite believe a week has passed since we finished filming in the trenches.  Months and months of preparation, then zip - all over.


Well actually it is far from over, as we now need to create the film.  Will keep you updated.






19 Oct 2015


Fantastic shoot over the weekend, everyone worked so hard.  We had some laughs, but they were long days, thank you so much cast and crew.


The weather held out, which was a massive relief, I really didn't want to film those scenes in the rain.  It would have been miser...

16 Oct 2015

Everyone will be arriivng shortly for the convoy down to Pendine, Camarthenshire. 


Our location is approximately 74 miles away, which is why I decided everyone should stay at the location over the weekend.


Our actors will be making their own way down, everyone should b...

16 Oct 2015

Yesterday Letters Home received a shout out on the London Screenwriters Festival radio programe.


You can hear it below at the 7.13 mark!  *grins*


Shout out



14 Oct 2015

Spent the day creating the call sheets for all cast and crew for our trench scenes this coming weekend.

12 Oct 2015

This evening my principle actors - Doug, Gerry and James, my director Jonah, co producer Oli, and myself met at Pontardawe Art Center for the script read through and rehearsal.


Exciting to know we will be shooting the trench scenes in 5 days time.


And the weather is lo...

11 Oct 2015

We wrapped on our first day of filming a little over two hours ago.


It went, very well.  The first scenes to be shot were with baby Joshua and Sarah, who sang Sua Gan beautifully, Sarah that is not Joshua!  :D


We then moved onto Mrs Brown (mother of Tomos), who is...

10 Oct 2015

Thought I would share with you an article I just read:


Letters to Loved Ones

10 Oct 2015

Bristol Costume Services  are as good as their word.  Today the costumes arrived, and look perfect.


Thank God!


Tomorrow we commence filming!

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