30 Aug 2015

Its' with great pleasure that I welcome Janet Parry on board to do the hair and make-up for Letters Home.  Jan has been my hair dresser for 16 years!  :D



29 Aug 2015

I shot a very short video of our second recce at the very wet trench system, soon to be the venue for Letters Home.





29 Aug 2015

The trench scenes other than the three principle actors need background soldiers, and there will be four of them.


Feel a bit bad for not giving them names.  Our first backgroundd soldier is Gerry Fitzpatrick, who has played Tommy in my World War 1 play - No Known Grave...

28 Aug 2015

It is with great regre that Adam, our soundman has to leave our production.  Good luck in Mexico.


However, I am pleased to say that AJ Swift is coming on board as our sound man!


Thank you AJ!


AJ's website



27 Aug 2015

Been in touch with several military uniform specialists, and the only one who got back to me without me having to chase them up was Torbay Flame Costume Hire.


Torbay Flame Costume Website


They've done me a very good deal.  Each uniform would cost £55 (no VAT) which wil...

26 Aug 2015

So pleased to welcome on board Chrissie Neale who will be taking on the role of Seth's girlfriend Miriam.


Chrissie's website



25 Aug 2015

We will be shooting our trench scenes at Morfa Bay Adventure over the weekend 17/18 October, and we will be staying there for the entire weekend.  Arriving Friday evening, departing Sunday evening.


Pray for nice weather!  :D

24 Aug 2015

I am so pleased to welcome on board Sarah Louise Taylor who play the role of Coporal Huw Evans' wife.


Sarah Louise's website



23 Aug 2015

Now, that I have my crew - it's time for a second trench recce, which we did today, in the pouring rain!


Wet muddy trenches are synonimous with the first world war, but the first day of the Somme was a beautiful sunny day.


Images from our second recce below:




8 Aug 2015

It is with great pleasure to welcome Doug Gray into our cast as principle character Private Seth Jones.


Doug has played a WW1 Tommy in my play No Known Grave, produced ny Fluellen Theatre.


Doug's website



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