23 Feb 2016

Today I found out that IMDB approved Letters Home and it is now listed!


Link is here:     http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5436862/?ref_=nm_flmg_wr_1


I am now in the process of adding all the credits which will take some time.  So keep checking back  :D

15 Feb 2016

Today was mainly about tweaking.  Matt has worked long hours on the audio getting it all synced with the footage, so by the end of this session we had a film all ready for sound to be added, and of course,  music.  So AJ, our sound designer and Sebrina, our composer, n...

8 Feb 2016

Today we concentrated mainly on colour grading and audio.


And we made an executive decision to reshoot one scene, so I've been busy firing off emails left, right and center to galvanise all concerned, and we have a reshoot date!  :D


 Matt, Jonah and Oli.


2 Feb 2016

Yesterday saw our fifth editing session.  The film is just over 20 minutes long.


Next week we will be sorting the audio!  :D



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