31 Jan 2016

As it stands Letters Home is 21 minutes 30 seconds long.


Tomorrow will see us whittling the film down.  Wish us luck!

25 Jan 2016


So, our 4th editing session took place today, and it was great to have Oli, our co-producer, present.



20 Jan 2016


Another session of editing has taken place.  Four hours to produce 10 more minutes of film!  :D



14 Jan 2016


How incredibly exciting.  Below is the article in the Pontardawe Art Center Brochure!


(They have Rhys's name down as one of the cast but Rhys pulled out in September)



11 Jan 2016


Today, myself, Jonah (Director) and Matt (DOP/Film Editor) sat in front of Matt's computer for 5 hours and edited 9 minutes of film.


It's looking great!


An image  from the editing session below, which actually took place in my conservatory, so excuse the clutter!  :D...

6 Jan 2016

Editing will recommence on 11 January, Matt has got a spanking new computer.  Yay!


A photo of the trench cast and crew below. 


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